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The NAMM Show
January 2001
Pictures and reports from the retail music biz trade show
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This page has some photos of some events, and a special graphics section on Dome Sightings.

Friday night's Ernie Ball bash featured:

The Dixie Dregs,
Steve Morse Band,
Steve Lukather
Albert Lee,
Vinnie Moore,
John Petrucci (and me)

Vinnie Moore The Dixie Dregs

Steve Morse, Dave LaRue Steve Lukather

Steve Morse, Albert Lee Steve Lukather

The Jam The Jam

The Jam

Stick Night

Casey Arrigula band
Emmett Chapman
Bob Culbertson

Yes, that is a real instrument Bob Culbertson is playing (not a Photoshop trick by me.) He made it from a Chapman Stick neck and an acoustic guitar body!

Don Schiff
Agent 22 Steve Adelman
Dome Sightings on the floor of NAMM

Producer Bob Kulick

Bassist Michael Rhodes

Stick player Steve Adelson

Paul Ill

Trace Elliot head, Clive Roberts.

Also seen at the show:

The TransPerformance automatic tuning device, in a Les Paul guitar.

A carbon fiber acoustic bass guitar.

Gibson makes an exact replica of John Lennon's Revoloution guitar.

I found a great tremolo pedal (in my upcoming tour, we're going to play Yes's Heart of the Sunrise, which has tremolo on the famous bassline. The tremolo is made by a Czech company, George Dennis.

Line 6 has an espresso bar set up. As you can imagine, I visited that a lot.

For those who needed more of a pickup, they also have an oxygen bar!

I couldn't resist putting a Papa Bear t-shirt on the Music Man drummer dummy.

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