The new Stick Men CD


The Band:

  Tony Levin - Chapman Stick & vocals

  Michael Bernier - Chapman Stick & vocals

  Pat Mastelotto - traps, buttons & vocals

Stick Men have toured in Argentina, Belgium, Chile, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United States, Uruguay, and Venezuela

Tours are coming soon in Canada and the U.S, Japan, and in Europe.

  "Soup is hot, nourishing and satisfying... and it rocks."

The Album:

  Two years in the making - with the material broken in by extensive touring around the world - this is the band's first major release.

All original compositions, plus the band's arrangement of four movements from Stravinsky's Firebird Suite.

This is unique music from a unique band.

  "The hard-hitting, in-your-face sound has as much to do with the intricate arrangements and intriguing compositions as it does the Chapman Stick itself."

The Music:

(excerpts on Tony's MySpace page)

Mixes by Steven Wilson, Tony Lash, and Larry DeVivo

13 tracks - 56:06 in length

  Hands - part 1, 2, 3
  Inside the Red Pyramid
  Scarlet Wheel
  The Firebird - part 1,2,3,4

  "...entertains you on a cerebral level while the music hits you viscerally."

The Artwork:

The six panel Ecopak CD package features original artwork by Michael Bernier

Buy the CD:

  HERE on: Papabear Records
(the best support for us in the band... thanks!)

Digital downloads are available, on:
  iTunes (coming soon)
  Amazon (coming soon)

  "Everyone says their music is different, but Stick Men's 'Soup' actually is."

A note

  For those of you who were lucky to get our limited special edition advance CD, Stick Men, which we only sold at live shows, you will find that the Soup release has many of the same tracks, though mixed better, has more material, and is re-mastered.

  "The tones and textures are sonically intoxicating, the level of musicianship is simply staggering"


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