Waters of Eden
Tony Levin
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Used to be called a garage!

Bass D.I. Setup

All this to plug the bass in.

Abby the dog

Now THIS is a classy board!

Group Shot

The Lineup.

Warren Bernhardt, Artie Traum

Warren Bernhardt, Artie Traum

Engineer Robert Frazza


Steve Gorn

Steve Gorn

T.L. in Harley Mirror

Robert Frazza, when not engineering, is becoming expert in taking photos and videos in the Harley mirror.(Behind it is a derelict piano I keep in the garage.)

Jerry Marotta

Jerry Marotta at Jerrsville Studio

David Sancious

David Sancious playing the Virtual Soprano

Larry Fast, David Torn

Larry Fast and David Torn

Possible CD Cover??

Possible CD Cover?

I don't think so!

California Guitar Trio

California Guitar Trio


Sherlock, helping out.


Perhaps this is why Sherlock likes being at the studio so much.

with the NS Electric Upright

Jeff Pevar

Engineer Robert Frazza

Warren Bernhardt

Engineer Tom Mark

Warren Berhnardt, Robert Frazza

Engineer David Bottrill

Engineer, David Bottrill

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