Waters of Eden (CD)

This CD is a departure for me in many ways. It's the first time I've featured my bass playing - mostly fretless and upright, sharing the lead voice in many of the pieces. But the main focus of the music is the compositions. Usually I like to write in a "collaborative" method, letting the other musicians react to my music and make up their parts - this time I planned the music from the beginning, and tried to get the best players to interpret each part I had in mind. It's less of a "progressive rock" album than my recent ones - it calls on my love of melody and mood. Best description of the music I've heard was from a radio d.j. (named Bear!) who reviewed the cd, calling it earthy melodic instrumental music, with roots in Classical and World.

Musicians: Warren Bernhardt - piano
Larry Fast - synth
Pete Levin - synth
David Sancious - piano & synth
California Guitar Trio (Bert Lamms, Hideo Moriya, Paul Richards) - acoustic guitars
Jeff Pevar - acoustic and electric guitar
David Torn - oud, loops, drum processing
Steve Gorn - bansuri flute
Jerry Marotta - drums
Tony Levin - bass, NS Electric Upright and Cello

Bone & Flesh
Waters of Eden
Gecko Walk
Pillar of Fire
Boulevard of Dreams
Opal Road

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