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Feb 12, Macerata.

Long drive from Torino on the morning of the show.

Immediately on arrival we made friend (or a fan!) in the pizza place near the theater we would play in.
This is Flavio, who seems to run the place. Or at least he runs from his mother, who is behind the counter.

Bert fortifies before the show, with two espressos!

And afterward, the best part of playing in Italy, when you can manage to fit it in -- a great dinner in a local restaurant with the promoters.

Tyler out-does Bert's earlier two fisted espresso drinking, with a double and a single!

And these shots -- they are from well into the night, for some reason they were having a pool to guess my height correctly - hence the measuring and the winner's certificate. (Yeah, it was late into the night!)


Tomorrow is a show in Pescara, then after that we'll have our first day off in Italy.


Feb 13 - Pescara

I guess I've been taking, maybe, too many photos at the show - so here are the essentials of the Pescara show:

Along the way there was some really good playing too -- but I can't get that up on the page!

Tomorrow is a "day off" on the tour. But it's also a travel day, and we've got some kind of press conference along the way.

So we'll drive one or two hours to Ancona, do a conference there, have lunch, then about 4 1/2 hours more driving, and our "day off" should provide us with a night off in Pavia.

Time for a new page so this doesn't take forever to load.


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