Spring, 2014

page 17 - Riga, Latvia




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   Riga - This is my first time here, and, luckily, we arrive the evening before the show, so I can head into the center and take some pictures.

It's clear right from the airport that I'm not going to be able to understand the signs here!

Near our hotel, the first park reminds me of the Boston Common, where I grew up. All it needs is a swan boat, and I'll revert to a two year old!

soon things get more interesting

At the venue...

A mirror just behind stage... can't resist self pics...

This was one of those nights when my camera wasn't cooperating! Not enough light on the audience for it to focus, so I got a lot of shots like this:

and even resorted to flash...

Nevertheless, my camera's not the most important part of the show, and it was a really good one.

A nice way to finish this tour leg, and my first visit to Riga. (Ironically, I'll be back next month, playing here with Peter Gabriel.)

So, our March/April tour has wrapped up. We'll have more Crimson ProjeKCt shows, again in Europe, in July, and I should have the dates of those very soon.

And, for us in Stick Men, we're heading right to Miami, to embark on the Cruise to the Edge progressive rock cruise... our first onboard show is Monday night, in two days.

So even though it's not the same tour, I'm going to link from here to that page, and the pictures will start appearing there on Monday night. (If, that is, I can get online from out at sea!)


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