The Crimson ProjeKct
Opening for Dream Theater

U.S. Tour - Summer 2012
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    Friday, June 22nd, Detroit

Not a long drive to Detroit, and we arrive at what's now called The Fillmore, in downtown Detroit.

No room by the side of the stage for our equipment, so we unload right to the sidewalk

John and Jordon of DT

The James LaBrie, the singer of the group, is the only one I didn't know coming into this tour.

It's a sign of the times that when we first got to chat, the subject was what kind of diet and vitamin regiment we find works best -- staying healthy on a long road tour is increasingly important to us all!

It's a beautiful old theater - it was called The State Theater when we played here with King Crimson some time ago.

    Saturday, June 23rd, Chicago

Right in downtown Chicago, tonight's show is at another classic old theater

We're thrilled to have Markus back with us -- he was busy these last three shows, giving a touch guitar seminar in Innsbruck.

Here's the theater as we're about to start the Crimson ProjeKct set

Another very nice show. Tomorrow we have a show on our own (the Crimson ProjeKct) - so we'll drive back to Indiana tonight, stay at a highway hotel there, and have a shorter trip to Grand Rapids.

    Sunday, June24th, Grand Rapids

Tonight is the first Crimson ProjeKct show on the tour - on a day off from the Dream Theater routing, we were lucky to book a night for our music, in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
It meant back-tracking on our route - we'd come from Michigan to Chicago just yesterday - and tomorrow's drive South to Cincinatti will be long-ish, but it's worth it to get to play our Stick Men set, the Adrian Belew Power Trio set, and our usual joint set of Crimson music.

It's in a club called The Intersection. We hadn't played here before.

Some computer issues... everyone's happy to chime in on those...

Some of my Detroit pals drove in for the soundcheck and show

With all these different setlists on his drum kit, how does Pat ever know which song is next??

(answer: he doesn't!)

    Monday, June25th, Cincinatti

Up early and on the road for a fairly long drive.

Another big theater for tonight's show

The show begins with B'boom... Markus starts a loop...

followed by an extended drum duet (hence lots of time for me to take photos in this part of the show!)...

ready to come on...

and once I'm playing, very little time to shoot more.

Tonight I had a pretty good vantage point to get photos of the Dream Theater set - I'll put those on a new page.


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