King Crimson
Canada, Japan Tour

November, 2015

Quebec City




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November 9

After a few weeks off following our Euro-touring, King Crimson has re-assembled here in Quebec City for rehearsals and the first of our Canada shows

A few days to get the music back in top form (we hope!) here in the same venue we'll do our shows in, the lovely Palais Montcalm.
(In fact, everything about this city is great - it's one of my favorite places to come to.)

Michele is right to work making further repairs on my vintage MusicMan bass

Thursday, November 12, and it's time to run the full show.

We usually make these dress rehearsals a "Friends & Family" show, to have people in the audience - but we run it just like a regular concert.

Suits pressed and ready...

gotta get an occasional picture of myself in here...

I think it's apparent we're very happy to be doing our concerts again

The traditional Robert & Tony before show pic

Any of you guys care for some fresh horseradish before going on?

No? Okay. Here's the setlist

Here we go!

The show went very well, especially considering we're just getting going again. (even missing a few instruments and pieces of gear that will turn up late for this show)

And, a change in photo policy, so happily I will be again taking a shot or two of the audience after the encores

(Yes, that is a lot of 'friends & family'... we noticed!)

Offstage to some reverse 'fisting' signifies the end of show one

And, a very nice gesture, I discover aftershow that some of my guests wore suits themselves, in solidarity with the band

Great day, great show, and wonderful time afterwards.

Wonderful to be back doing the shows... I'll have more pictures tomorrow, from the first public show here in Quebec.




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