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    Let me start by finally listing who is in the band, and on the tour!

Angie Pollock - keyboards
Melanie Gabriel - vocals
David Rhodes - guitar
Richard Evans - guitar, flute, and programming
Ged Lynch - drums

My stage photos were heavy on David and Ged - that's because they're next to me, and because Angie, Melanie and Richard have stuff in front of them (from my vantage point.) I'd have loved to have more photos of everyone - maybe next tour I'll wander around stage, with camera, during the show!

Also, seen in some photos, and of inestimable help on the tour:

Dave Taraskevics - tour manager
Michele Russotto - bass tech
Dickie Chappell - PG engineer
Ben Findlay - house engineer
Chris Lawson - guitar tech
Dan Lavi - drum tech
Dan Roe - kbd tech
Dee Miller - monitor engineer
Tom Howat - sound tech
Simon Welch - radio tech
Rob Sinclair - lighting designer
Steve Kellaway - lighting tech
Antti Saari - lighting tech
Matt Gourd - video tech
Andy Tonks - video tech
Gary Trew - production mgr
Johnnie Podell - agent
Brian Hosey - agent

    A couple of photos that didn't fit into other pages...

playing "Where's Angie?!" on the plane...

There, I had to share that!

Now, courtesy of my friend Jeff Cherun, who took photos at the Mexico City show,
here are some examples of what Peter's show looked like from the audience.
Much more colorful than anything I could show from onstage...

See those weird photos on screens behind the musicians? They're of each of us, but taken from laptop computer with unusual software.

I had made a video for the band members of our production rehearsals back in England - it features, among other things, shots of the guys posing for those photos. They look completely nuts - like they're trying to scare the laptop... or eat it!

I think it'd be nice to share that video as the last from this tour.
Back at rehearsals I had nights free, so I'd made a bit of a production out of the editing.
And it keeps repeating shots of Peter with a headcam on for Digging - that worked out so poorly, we never did the song. But evidently I did enjoy seeing his camera wobble around - I keep coming back to it.

Back to the show photos:

Another memorable tour of Peters, both for audiences and for us in the band.


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