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    Here we are for, finally, the first show of the tour!
Gotta put you through a few shots of before the show...

Here we go...

This little video will give you the feel of the way it was going onstage...

The last rehearsal page had a shot of our bass tech Michele, mopping up... but I was surprised to see him, soon into the show, again mopping up the stage!
It was the first inkling I had that moisture was condensing and dripping on the front of the stage, making it really slippery. (I was to find out again when Peter led us skipping around the stage on Solsbury Hill)

He was moving fast!

Peter did all the song descriptions in Spanish. (Well, he had a little help from his sheet of paper.)

Speaking of skipping around the stage, here is the first of Tony's Bass Cam views of the show;

A note about the sound on this, and all the videos shot from my stage position. The band has in-ear monitors and pretty low stage volume levels except for the drums, which are playing full out. So they sound louder to the camera, with only the distant p.a providing Peter's voice and the rest of the instruments. In other words, a perfect drummers mix!

Back to photos of the show;

Another Bass Cam video -- watch out, this one could make you dizzy!




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