Fall, 2012

page 26 - Fairfax, VA Show



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Here we are at the last show of the tour - 25th web page of the tour(!) but it seems far too short!

I think of it as the Washington DC show - that's where we're staying, though the venue is about a half hour drive away. The Patriot Center is arena of George Mason University.

The usual soundcheck;

And some of the sights backstage in the evening...

a meeting with some of the great campers from last August's music camp

love that shirt!

Some of the dark-suited crew the audience sees moving and operating the cranes onstage are our crew, travelling with the tour.

Others are from local crew, and they're prepped on the show right before it...

Ready to go onstage now... if we have the okay from Dickie, that is...



Well, what can I say about this tour... it's been one of the most fun ever.
Great music, great people, both in the band and production group, and the wonderful crew doing all the work for us.
The pre-show hospitality meetings have been special for me, with lots of friends and camper-friends getting to come back and say hi before the show. Had family (even pups) on some of the shows - that's really special.

And as you can see from the photos, the excitement and support of the audiences at each of the shows has helped to really make it a joy.

My thanks to everyone who had anything to do with this tour. I hope it assembles again next year!





      this photo by Armando Gallo



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