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Papa Bear Records is a small record company in Woodstock, New York. Tony's complete CD catalog is available here as well as CDs from other selected artists. In addition, Papa Bear also carries other items such as tee-shirts, posters and Tony's book.
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     Peter Gabriel Tour page
     Pieces of the Sun

Sept. 11, Italy

A few more photos are up on the PG Tour page. We've got some tv show possibilities coming up. Sorry that I'm not more sure about what will actually happen, but coming are: in England, Top of the Pops II - we're taping a segment later this week, to be shown next week. Maybe an appearance on next Saturday's Larry King Live show, on CNN. Then in New York, possibly the Conan O'Brian Show, Today Show, maybe even the David Letterman show. I will know for sure ... well, hopefully a bit before we are in the tv studio playing! And of course I will notify here of the appearances before they happen.
Likewise, the November/December U.S. tour is being booked, and as the dates and cities are confirmed, I will get an itinerary up here on the site.

Sept 8, Sardinia

Whoops, it wasn't a food festival at all, it was a festival for the patron saints of Arzechena! I didn't quite realize that before we got there, but as we were doing soundcheck in the town square for the people who had gathered there, we heard a brass band nearing the square... the audience turned and watched, entering the square, a procession led by a small tractor pulling a life sized statue of a saint. We quieted down the soundcheck, of course, and I took a quick photo - it's on the right. Notice the tall guy in the back - he's not a Gabriel fan, he's a saint!

The show was wonderful. Italian audiences seem to really love Peter. We did a mix of old and new songs, (I'll dig up a photo of the setlist) and could have played all night because they kept wanting more.

Second update; The PG Tour page has now grown to two pages of photos and diaries. A quick calculation reveals that at this rate, by end of the U.S. tour in December I will have put up about 40 pages! However, (a good thing) once I'm busy doing shows each night, I will have far less time to upload photos (and tinker with beard lengths!)

Sept 7, Italy

Peter Gabriel has booked a last minute gig for us... it's today! It will be at a festival in a town called Arzechena, in the north of Sardinia. (For those of you not good at geography, that is a large island off the West coast of Italy.) I am not sure if there are other groups playing there, (I believe it is a food festival!) but it should be very interesting. And I'm sure the food will be great.
I will get some photos up by tomorrow. And if you happen to be in the north of Sardinia - come on by, the show is at about 9pm.

Sept 5, Italy

I've been working away at details of the webpage about Peter's tour. (Rehearsing days, of course - it's late night that I do the web tweaking.) I've got most of the crew and band's photos up, photoshopped a longer beard onto Peter, useful stuff like that. Meanwhile, we're learning all the great material from Peter's new CD, and are going over some of the older material too. The upcoming shows in Milan should be a gas!

  *Some interesting new releases I had a part in:

Willy Porter is a very good singer/songwriter, from Milwaukee. His new cd, titled "Willy Porter" is just out, on Six Degrees Records. It's excellent.

David Bowie's "Heathen" - I'm on only one track, playing fretless on Slip Away. It was a great pleasure to do some playing with one of my rock heroes whom I've always hoped to work with.

Donna Lewis is just releasing her new cd titled "Be Still". Again, I'm playing on just one track - the others are keyboards and vocals alone. It's a wonderful release - very intimate, with great writing and expert featuring of her voice. She has it availble on her site,

Artie Traum's new release, "South of Lafayette" features his singing as well as guitar playing. Most of the tracks I played on also had Jerry Marotta on drums. Artie captured a poignant mood with these tracks. It's at his site,

Warren Zevon's "My Ride's Here" - on this May release, I'm on one track titled Hit Somebody, which is an odd one, about a hockey player who's hired just to get into fights!

  *Some upcoming releases:

California Guitar Trio with Pat Mastelotto & Tony Levin - Due out in early September.

Peter Gabriel's "Up" - late September release.

Tony Levin Band's live double CD - we hope to have it out in early November.


September 16 & 18 - Milan, Italy - Alcatraz
September 21 - Paris, France - La Mutualite

A North American Tour is presently being scheduled, probably between November 15th and December 15th. The following cities may be included: Atlanta, Montreal, Cleveland, Quebec, Columbus, Toronto, Washington DC, Detroit, Denver, Milwaukee, Oakland, Minneapolis, San Diego, E. Rutherford, NJ, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Phoenix, New York, Las Vegas, and Boston  





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