Photos of our bows at end of show

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           Bows -

they're a neat thing.

I don't know when during the tour, I got the idea of trying to photograph us as we took our end-of-show bow...
but it seemed like a good idea at the time.

It turned out to be very difficult - so many things can go wrong with that shot.



Seems like it'd always be my sleeve in front of the lense, or spotlight in the lense, or the camera turned the wrong direction... or other things.

Sometimes I'd get it almost right - though rarely with all the band in the shot and bowing.


More often it was wrong.





Then, there were the backwards bows (always a tradition with Peter).
I did a little better with those.


Well, inevitably, I got a few shots that were sort of okay. (Got to clean that lense!)



I'll have to look forward to the next tour to further refine my technique, and go for the perfect "bow shot".


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