Stick Men Europe
opening for Porcupine Tree
November 2009
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     Had to leave Madrid very early for the long drive to Barcelona today.

The morning sun presented the opportunity for this echo of our Stick Men logo...

I'd call that Van with Band

But we thought, perhaps we're missing an opening to market ourselves differently... with all the vampire movie publicity (at least here in Europe), we could be...

Stake Men

Anyway, off on our drive.

We're getting our news from the papers randomly taped over van windows to cut down on the sun broiling factor...

Don't think I've introduced Goncalo and Bruno, our drivers and road assistants from Lisbon.
(To correctly write Goncalo's name, I'd need to find the "c" with a little goatee coming down from it!)
They're kindly holding off on smoking until rest stops.

Nearing Barcelona...

Big venue this time - the last few have been theaters, but from now on I think it'll be cavernous places like this one

Porcupine Tree has their full stage set in now.

Our show starts... I'm remembering now to shoot photos of the audience...

But with my camera screen broken and unable to change settings... it's a hit or miss affair!

Take my word for it, they looked much better than that!

We watched the first half of Porcupine Tree's show tonight, then left to find our hotel before it was too late to check in.

Our van, for us and our equipment, seems pretty tiny parked among the busses and trucks...

In Spain you can count on some late night bars to be open and have food too.

Michael shot this of me...

And I returned the favor, that's him reflected in the brass beer tap...
(with the ever present ham in the background)

Stick Men want YOU

"Take my Stick... please"

(Should I call that photo "Schtik Men"??)

Well, that ends the Portugal and Spain leg of this tour.

Tomorrow we'll say goodbye to Goncalo and Bruno, and will take an overnight train to Zurich. From there we'll rent a van, pickup new backline (drums and amps) and head to the next show, in Wettingen, Switzerland.

More on the next tour page.


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