Tour of South America
Spring 2012
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    Saturday, May 12th
Ending up our first week of the tour with a show at the Ateneo Theater in Buenos Aires. We've played here before, and look forward to it as a high point in our tours, with great crew, sound, and audience.

Here's Max:

And the show went very well...

And afterwards, and nice time signing and greeting, then, our gear packed up, it's late and time to leave the venue.

Life on the road might be glamorous at times, but, sqeezing through the already locked gate at front of the venue, we had no illusions about how variable it can be!

Tomorrow a day off. I'll meet with the team that's putting together my upcoming iBook version of Crimson Chronicles (They're a great company, based here in Buenos Aires). Then we head for Santiago, Chile.

    Saturday, May 15th
We hadn't been to Chile for two years, and last time here it was only a week after the big earthquake - a memorable time.
It's great to be back, because we love the audience here, and it's great to be here without the earthquakes!

Getting here from Argentina, we had the usual fusses at the airport...

But it's worth the trip, as always.

Finally have a second during the show to grab a photo of the other guys. (in the improv section of Slow Glide -- I guess my improv is shooting pictures.)

After the show, (and signing some autographs out in the lobby) some great ceviche backstage.

It did hit the spot, but I must say, I had ceviche for lunch and for dinner on the day we arrived, then on show day I'd had some with lunch, and after the show too... so, no more ceviche for me this year!!

    May 16th
Over the mountains, back to Argentina, to play in Mendoza, famous for it's wine, among other things.

The hotel had a Wine Spa, with things like wine facial wraps, organic wine whirlpool ... call me old fashioned, I just like drinking it - so I passed on that.

Interesting shaped venue

    May 17th
A couple of flights bring us to Montevideo, Uruguay.
We've had great shows here in the past, and are very happy to be coming back to La Trastienda.

A peek at the audience coming in...

At signing, after the show, Pat meets a very young fan. (who had thoughtfully written her name on her hand, so we'd know how to sign her CD.)

    May 19th
Travel to Mar del Plata - the first place on this tour that we have not been to before. Though it's a 5 hour ride in the van, we're pretty excited to play for a new audience, and I've been able to see from FaceBook response, what we've got a lot of people in Mar del Plata interested in our music.

Quite a nice venue

We'll be sad to say goodbye to Max, our tour manager here - he's always great to be with and takes care of the many hurdles we have to jump here!

Wow, what a great reception!

We will definitely want to come back here on our future tours of Argentina

Now it's back to Buenos Aires, tomorrow morning, then fly to Panama City for the last show of our Latin America tour.

    May 22
Panama City -- our first trip here, so it's a pleasure to learn new things.

The part of the city I can see is very modern with lots of hotels and banks...

and lots of traffic. Half hour to reach the club for soundcheck, but only about 4 minute drive later, without the traffic.

The club is called Isabella

The view from stage is mostly the bar and mirrors... I can see it'll be hard to photograph the audience without making a string of panorama shots.

Yay, some coffees arrive just before we go on.

We're not that tired, just aware that it's a late night show, and we have a 5am checkout time in the morning... makes you want to grab a coffee now, while you can!

It's sad to see our Latin America tour ending... such great people came to share our music.

We can only hope we'll get the chance to come back to all these places, and to more, next year.

Now, for us, it's 5am in the lobby for a long trip to Russia, where we have our next show!


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