Tour of Russia & England
Summer 2012
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    Monday, June 4th, St. Manchester
We're heading out to Birmingham.

Here's Mike showing the guys how he drives the van!
"I hold the wheel like this, see..."

We happily fold ourselves into the van...

That's Robert in the back, and Markus behind the bags. (I'll be joining him there after I've taken this photo.)
Pat, Tom and Mike will be in the front.

Arrived in Birmingham, and the van lock is working fine!

Some say the stage is small for two bands, but to those of us who rode in the van, it's spacious!

Tonight we're opening for Gavin and Ric's band. And Gavin introduces us

I took this one shot, going on, and then forgot about the camera! So I'm afraid I have no other audience shots tonight.

After show... you know what

And Mike proudly displays his packing job!

    June 5th, Cardiff, Wales

Morning has no surprises...

From here on the drives aren't long at all

so we have time to stop for lunch...

and arrive in Cardiff in plenty of time.
As with any sign in Wales, I wouldn't try to pronounce the club name.

Oh oh... there's no elevator here... and the stage is on the third floor!

Finally, the gear onstage, cases in our dressing room...

Audience is great... makes the load-in worth it!

And after... interesting spelling of Gavin's name on the ticket


Tomorrow, a short trip to Bristol for our show at the Academy there.

    June 6th, Bristol

Of course, it's the Queen's Jubilee celebration this week in England - and the highway traffic is about the only evidence we've had of all that's going on - but don't let it be said I didn't get a souveneir... this from a rest stop photo booth!

Arriving in Bristol, we took a look at the height of the walk-up to the top floor club...

... and decided to go get some lunch!

At the club (all loaded in now), a curious dressing room, with door you just about have to crawl through to get in

and the stage not to big either...

but I'm presented with a birthday cake!

Notice the Stick!

Stick Men are the opening act tonight. Here's Gavin giving us an enthusiastic introduction...

We did pretty different songs than last night in Cardiff, having heard that some people were coming to both shows.

After the show, another birthday treat, some good friends from Peter Gabriel tours, Richard Evans, Dave T, David Rhodes, and a gift of Riga Black Balzams, with which we began toasting!

After the load out, I was pretty tired, but thinking of Robert Frazza, who had loaded in, done sound mixing for both bands, and loaded out, I realized I have it easy. Here he is around midnight...

We have about an hour drive tonight to get to our hotel, then tomorrow our last UK show -- we'll see what adventures it brings.

    June 7th, London

Another club called The Academy but this one is the biggest we've played at.

Gavin introduces us for the last time... and here we go

Cool audience

It was great fun - great bunch of guys, fun music from both acts... I hope we all get to do it again!


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