Tour of USA and CANADA
Fall 2011

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Page 11 - In which our happy vagabonds play Sleepless in Seattle,
then steam southward to Sacramento and San Francisco
soon to slip slide to Solana Beach, following Frippicisms in Frisco.


  Oct. 16, Seattle

Nice club - the Triple Door. Quite a few friends in attendance - Trey Gunn gets to hear Crimson music from other than onstage - Alan White, with whom I've just had an album release, joined us for the aftershow signing.

(Upstairs dressing rooms - you can watch people come in and get seated.)

Ready for Stick Men to hit the stage...

Let's go!

When Adrians band hits the stage for their segment, easy to get a shot from upstairs...

The next trio, the three Crimson members, did our usual two songs,
Adrian told the audience 'Here's a piece we always play in Seattle', as we went into the drum and bass intro to Sleepless.

And, as always, B'boom is the one chance I get to take photos of the full band's set...

After the show, a bit of time to spend with some friends who came by.

Fellow Crim, Trey Gunn, and son Ezra...

Drummer Alan White...

and he kindly joined for the aftershow signing ... our Levin Torn White CD, being very new, is one of the ones on sale after shows.

Next, a drive southward into California, and our first of 5 shows there, this one in Sacramento.

  Oct. 18, Sacramento

First time for me at Harlows.

Got to soundcheck early, so we could wander around town a bit, mostly to find coffee!

Grabbed a shot during Stick Men's Slow Glide... oops, I forgot to tell the lighting guy to be sure to have some light on Markus.

and here we are, already, at the full band Crim-centric set...

A small quilt update: it's coming along slowly ... pretty bumpy in the van to do much speed sewing!
This early part of the project is to sew all the triangles into pairs, then when there are small squares, (140 of them) I will start sewing the squares to each other, and there'll be a bit more to look at.

til then it's just sew triangles to others, iron em flat in the hotel room!

  Oct. 19, San Francisco

Yet another beautiful old theater in San Fran ... seems the Bill Graham tradition of putting rock bands in nice settings hasn't died.

The drive in wasn't bad, just headed over from Sacramento. A couple of trips to Guitar Center for much needed cables, contact cleaner spray, etc.
As the one nighters continue, it always takes a toll on the gear - fortunately nothing big has broken yet.

Foggy city, foggy stage!

A special occasion tonight: Patricia Fripp, sister of King Crimson's founder Robert, will help us at the merch table, as she has done before - and to do a great job of it, she will speak to the audience before the show(!), appraising them of their 'merchandise opportunity'.

Okay, that just happened, and Patricia also delivered a message from Robert, directly to the tour audience;

Though I might have a word or two wrong, here's pretty close to what was said:

Haauh haaauh... (the Crim Call, which she had explained earlier) ... Oh brothers Crim, may the beast be with you at the Fillmore. Much as I would love to be travelling with you, your 13,000 happy miles, in modest forms of transportation, to modest accomadations... you will be having a much more fun time without me!
However, I can arrange for a life size cardboard figure of the ageless guitarist, to be made available that you might place, in the dark, on either side of the stage where it attracts the least attention, with the sole requirement that no-one takes photographs of it.

Please play Europe. Haauh haauh.

And so, here we go...

Cool show.

With a long trip to tomorrows gig (near San Diego) it seemed wise to leave San Francisco at night after the show, and as we've done before, book a hotel just off Rte 5, so as to have less to drive tomorrow.

Early morning found me taking a photo of Tobias on the balcony ... gee, I'm pretty sure I have photos from years ago of other band guys on just that same balcony. I guess I'm going around the planet in circles, playing music!

A quick comparison of the Belew van and the Stick Men van shows ours to be much more jammed with stuff...

but less food!

A number of hours later, our trusty black van pulls up to the back of the Belly Up Tavern - nicer than it sounds - in Solana Beach.

Here we go...

Quite a nice leg of the tour.

I'll start a new page for the L.A. show, but will insert, for the next page, a full page of band photos (by professionals!!) from the Seattle show.


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