Tour of USA and CANADA
Fall 2011

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Page 4 - In which, shows are performed in Annapolis, Phoenixville PA, and Vienna VA
with tales of van trips, camera issues, and quilting...
and at the end a curious backstage picture of musicians either happy or alarmed.


  Sept. 22, on the long drive to Annapolis, MD

I mentioned back at the Atlanta show (where I first saw our tour van) that I was disappointed it was black. Here's the reason;

I've been planning to make a quilt of the tour - you know, a patchwork fabric quilt, hand sewed together. It'll show our van travelling a winding road into the distance.
To design it, I went online to see a picture of the very van we'd be renting, and found it to be a cream white one - and I used that factor in the design.

So you can see that, after designing the whole layout, choosing fabrics, cutting the pieces... I'm just not ready to make the van black instead of white!

Okay, okay... I'll get over it! Here's a picture of my design...

Which led, over the Summer, to our kitchen table looking like this...

My original plan was, as you can see, to somehow sew "Two of a Perfect Trio" on the back of the van... but that wouldn't fit, not to mention that I don't quite know how to sew words on... so I've changed that plan to the simpler "Stick Men" (and I'll figure out how to sew it on.)

What will I do with this quilt when it's done? My wife suggested making a cosy for my bass amp! However, from my perspective, I'll be working at it so long, where it ends up isn't the important part - probably hanging in my studio.

What this all has to do with our road trip is only that, when not driving, I'm engrossed in sewing together many little triangles of fabric.

And some nights my hotel room looks like this:

(well, not that yellow... that's because I dropped my camera and it's unhappy with me!)

Some days my seat in the van looks like this...

Okay, back to the other parts of the tour! (I'll update on the rock n roll quilting aspect of the tour, as it comes together.)

I didn't get many photos in Annapolis - the Ram's Head Tavern is one of my favorite venues to play -- though the audience is split to our left and right (making photos of them more difficult) it's a good sounding room, in a very nice town.

Here's what Adrian's Power Trio set looked like...

And, in the Crimson encores, one chance I always have to take photos is in the extended drum duet, B'Boom.

Thinking I really have to get a working camera for this tour!

Tomorrow, a relatively short drive up North to Pennsylvania and the Colonial Theater in Phoenixville

  Sept. 23, Phoenixville

Like the majority of our drives, this one is through pouring rain.

The Colonial Theatre is a nice old theater - I haven't been here before.

Out front, the biggest tour poster we've seen so far...

Friends and family backstage for Julie

  Sept. 24, on to Vienna, VA - a club called Jammin Java that I haven't played before.
Sounds like I'll get some good coffee there though!

On first impression, I'd say it's a rock club!

But the coffee is, indeed, very good. A nice group of people for the pre-show 'meet 'n greet' ... and soon enough, the club filled in and we started our show.

I tried going back to the other camera ... but here's what I get a lot of...

Luckier on some shots... and I gotta love that t-shirt in the front!

Got some shots during Adrian's set...

Then, onstage for the encore set of Crimson music, this from B'Boom...

I think we're very happy after the show...

though with these blurry photos, maybe I've misinterpreted and Julie and Ade were just dreading going into that backstage bathroom!

Be that as it may, tomorrow is what we call a day off! For us in Stick Men that means only a 5 1/2 hour drive, up North to Kingston N.Y. We'll have a home cooked meal tonight, and hit the road again tomorrow.

More soon.


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