Waters of Eden Japan Tour 2001
Journals, photos, and more - from Japan
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Courtesy Phyllis Fast: Some short QuickTime clips of the band in action:
Back in NYC
Jerry Marotta (Sleepless)
Larry Fast (Bone & Flesh)
Jesse Gress (Elephant Talk)
T Lev (Elephant Talk)

    Hamamatsu gig was there and gone before we knew it - because we took the train into town, went right to the venue without checking in a hotel, and after the show, back to the train to continue on to Nagoya!
I did find time, though, to shoot an mpeg movie of the route to the dressing room bathroom! It's a long quicktime clip, so don't bother trying it if you don't have some fast streaming.

Here's an informative travel tip, for those who have never been to Japan. The difference between using a hotel toilet in Japan and America is roughly like driving a Maseratti after using a horse and buggy. When you enter the hotel bathroom in Japan, the toilet is the first thing that draws your attention - wrapped in controls, surrounded by instructions. Is this the cockpit of a 747, you wonder, or perhaps more like H.G. Welles' Time Machine.
I've never fully read the instructions, preferring to avoid manuals (in fact this is a little like software - interactive in that when you sit on the toilet, water starts running somewhere within it, and there are various sounds hinting at things that could happen. And perilous if you choose the wrong options!) Anyway, I have no advice for travellers on how to use the toilet, just thought people who haven't been here would find it interesting. Also interesting to me, is that the toilets found outside the hotels have less plumbing than found elsewhere. The complex stuff seems to be all saved for the ones in hotels.

Well, I've pretty much said it all about the tour now. We had a grand time in Japan (I think the photos show that!) and hope to return here sometime soon (perhaps when there's a new album out) for more touring. It's a unique experience for the musicians - the professionalism of the production crews, the graciousness of the fans, and the beauty of the country make it a very special experience for the musicians.

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