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     We arrived to the lovely grounds of the Full Moon Resort, in the Catskill mountains, and after loading our gear into the three rooms we'd be using, we got to relax, and hang out with some really interesting people.

We'd set up our gear in the various places we'd be playing and jamming...

Here's the Barn, where we chose to set up in the center, facing each other, and with the campers sitting on all sides

I should mention, for those visiting this page who weren't at the camp, that Adrian Belew, Pat Mastelotto and I were the instigators here... joined by 75 enthusiastic and talented folks who signed up for a unique experience and a lot of music.

Registration was at 3pm, and soon after we all got together in the barn to discuss what would be happening, tell some stories, and get to know each other

A little dinner, and back in the barn for a full rehearsal of the three of us.

We have have played together a great deal, but never with just the three players, so adapting and re-learning some Crimson pieces for this ensemble seemed like something that'd be of interest to the campers - not to mention that we'll be doing a show on Thursday night.

Now getting a bit late at night, but that's when the campers get to take the stage (well, 3 stages. We'd equipped all the rooms with drums and amps for jamming.)

A bar is handy!

As is a bonfire! They've got it all here.

So... when I finally left for my cabin, things were, like the fire, just starting to roar!

Tuesday, (maybe not bright and early...) we had breakfast and then things at the barn started out with Pat's class on drumming, Crimson-style.

Schedule adjustments, which were to become a daily event!

Whoa... everyone's leaving Pat's class... it's time for mine, and here I am taking pictures!

My seminars took place in the cafe (very handy for sharing an espresso with everyone!)
And, typically of me, I neglected to take any photos of my own classes .

Adrian's class was next, in the barn ...

There was more going on, but let's skip to Tuesday night after dinner, when things got real... interesting.

I'd mentioned the nightly jam sessions, but hey, let's go for the mother of all jam sessions... all 75 campers, plus Ade and Pat!

I'd join in too (among the other 10 bassists!) but I thought I'd be of more use if I conducted the jam. I say 'conducted' but all I did was listen to what was happening, write some instructions on a note pad and show them to everyone.

Some of the instructions were "louder", "softer" .... and things like that.
But when only the basses were playing and it seemed to harken to the earthquake that had occurred that afternoon, the instructions said "earthquake".

and how about "Smile!"...


and... who could resist, with 77 drummers, bassists, guitarists and Stickists ready to play... bringing it down to the dulcimer!

We were a little sneaky here... didn't mention to the campers that we were recording the jam and that they'd be given a copy at the end of camp.

Time for another camp page, I'd say.


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