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This is far from my first time at the NAMM expo - and perhaps you've even seen pictures here on the site in previous years. (In fact I even used the 05 NAMM show page as the template for this page!)

Anyway, NAMM is still fun, and plenty colorful - I'm happy to share a little of it with you.

We, the Tony Levin Band, played a show in a local hotel ballroom, on Friday night. It was great in all ways - a treat was having Todd Rundgren sit in for 5 songs of his own.

The only photo I took there was the audience shot during the opening barbershop that's at the page top.

However, we also performed just the little barbershop quartet song many times, at the Beyerdynamic booth of the expo - here's a shot of that, taken by Phyllis Fast.
Larry (Fast) is mentioned in the song, and though he's not in the photo, he's right off to the side, ready to have us all point at us!

I could explain a few things about NAMM, but instead I think I'll just give you a bunch of photos to look at, that'll give the flavor of it.

If you find it confusing or owerwhelming, that's good - it's exactly the way it is to be here (but with the addition of a lot of loud noise.)







I need a rest already! (This is from the Ampeg display - pretty cool poster behind me.)

Okay, back to the fray...




What's this line for? A famous guitarist or a big group?
         Nope, it's the Starbucks at the hotel!




Lotta bass players there!

It's time to start another page, or this one will take forever to load!



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