January 2010



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     Probably most people who visit this page know about the NAMM show, or have seen my pages from previous ones, so I don't need to explain much about it.

It's certainly as colorful as ever. Here are some sights from my first two days here...

Stick Men is doing a few shows here, for Ampeg (whose amps we play.)

Pat and Michael, before the show, find a moment to rest in quiet!

At night, a concert for Sabian. I'm playing with Terry Bozzio, Pat Mastelotto and David Torn.

Lots more people at this one.

Mike Portnoy was one of the M.C.s

Back at the daytime Namm convention:
You tend to run into a lot of musicians you know here.

Here are a few of just the bass players I had time to snap a picture with:

Jeff Berlin

Mark Egan

Julie Slick

Tal Wilkenfeld

Leland Sklar

Gail Ann Dorsey (we signed together at Ampeg)

John Myung

Phil Chen

Hutch Hutchinson

Dave LaRue

Just me... with a coral colored Music Man bass that looks great to me... more later on all the new Music Man basses.

And, there were a few non-bass players around too!

Adrian Belew

Eddie Martinez

Steve Ferrone

John Petrucci

Steve Lukather

Ned Steinberger

Steve Smith

Whew, this is getting long... time for a second page.


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