From the Attic

Stuff found while moving house

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I've been packing to move. Been in the same house a long time, and it's the first time I've dug through the attic in a long time. (Not to mention some nooks and crannies of my office!)

There have been some interesting finds:

   The tuba I played on "Excuse Me" on Peter Gabriel's first solo album.

   The mud covered boots I wore to the 1994 Woodstock Festival (I rode my Harley to that, and perhaps foolishly, set aside the boots, with their festival mud, for a while. They got stashed in the garage and now, 7 years later, they are merely a pair of boots ruined by not being cleaned!)

   A King Crimson toque. (It's pronounced tuke - hey, I've been touring in Canada, where they refer to woolen caps as toques.) Don't know what tour this bit of Crimson merchandizing came from, but it'll come in handy this winter.

   Some World Diary "flats" - LP sized cardboard flats with artwork from that album, probably meant for signing, but I never knew I had them until they turned up, very dusty, under my desk!

   How about this: my first computer: a Radio Shack TRS80 model 100. Found the power supply too - however, the data seems to have died with the battery. Well, that means I have the full 29,623 bytes to play with!

   Wait, there's more...

   A photo of the Peter Gabriel Band (looking tired but young!) from way back when. (me, Larry Fast, Jerry Marotta, David Rhodes.)

   More, as I find it.

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