My experience is that, whenever you form a band, it's hard to choose a name. After coming up with a few unsuitable ones, the discussion deteriorates. Later you choose a name that nobody loves, but nobody hates. Then a year later you think of a great name. Hence I started noting potential names many years ago, either from ideas, or discussions, hoping they'd come in handy one day. They haven't. So, here for your enlightenment, is that list - pick a name for your band if you'd like. Or start your own list.

Hard Drive
Edible Rex
Degrees of Alone
Allegro Stride and the Dithers
Artist Oriented Act
Hold the Mayo
Full Court Press
Pizza Mind
Unattended Baggage
Prog Rock Pond Scum
Stretch Velcro
The Noxious Fumes
Bouquet of Lies
Big Axe
Axe No Questions
The Violators
Psychic Malpractice
Emotional Blackmail
Bite the Bagel
The Flying Fishheads
The Turnips
The Skunks
Bang Zoom
The Oysters
Read My Lips
P.M.S. (a girls group)
Semi Cool
Truss Us
Manley Mann
Refuse to Shmooze
Garden Weasel
Second Skin
Tales from the Grand Union
GodZuki the Mini Series
Meek and the Inheritors
Pseudo Cool
Childrenz Center
Peewee Thurman
Inner Lice
No Weigh
Elvis in Paris
Mamas Boyz
Mime Games
Girls in Diapers
Dot dot dot
Eggplant Weasel
Mime Out Loud
He said She said
Clown Alley
Kindness of Strangers
Shit for Brains
Smell the Ring
Free the Gluten
Waters of Lake Mishegas
El Binoni
A Thousand Lumps of Coal
18 Bazoukis
Rattley Mallets
Mad Carrot Disease
The Tianamin Squares
Post Burrito Depression