A while ago we mentioned on the site that 10,000 insert booklets for this CD had been made with the wrong background color. Too fussy to use them in the cd package, we asked for suggestions as to what could be done with them.

With our thanks to those who have e-mailed, here are some of the better suggestions we received:

Have them laminated and use them as beermats
Spray paint them black and use them as Spinal Tap album inserts
Biodegradable Frisbees
Arrange them randomly in large frames and sell them to top L.A. hotels as "installations"
Use them as is, and buy shares in companies that make corrective lenses
Sell them to AOL as something interesting to enclose with their free internet access disks
Have pairs of glasses made with colored lenses that correct the colours
Sell them to NBC for an exposé on the printing industry
Glue them into cubes for use as paperweights, doorstops.
Cut them in half and use as 20,000 bookmarks.
Practice ninja throwing stars
Tied on bits of wire with fishing line, you have an unusual mobile
Bury them somewhere and organize a treasure hunt over the internet:
the winner gets to keep them
Laminate them together in sheets as decorative backgrounds to fishtanks
Sell them as "special limited edition collectors items" - (hey, it works for the Franklin Mint...)
Tie them to bits of string for use as a kite tail
Pulped, compressed, sculpted and lacquered for use as an interesting guitar body.
Have the *printers* pulped, compressed, sculpted and lacquered for use as...
no, maybe not.
Re-insulate (or double-ply) your home.
Use them as promotional mailers for the CD?
Throw one in every time you send out a set of Funk Fingers or "World Diary."
Leave a stack and one CD at your favorite restaurants. I've often asked a server,
"Who is this you're playing?" That's how I came to buy Lorena McKennit's
"Mask & Mirror" CD, among several others.
Find a generous music publication to insert them in their next issue.
Send a stack to Taos Drums.
Send them on the road with Jerry and the Indigo Girls.
Have KAMAN include them with their strings.
Insert into jewel case of next KC CD.
Barrage your dentist's office (he probably needs to know about better music).
Attack Soundtrack Music Supervisors at record labels with one (they'd probably
want the CD itself gratis, but make em pay!)
Confetti for the album release party?
Get another puppy. Puppies go through lot's of reading material when learning where
to do their business. And since you have so many of the booklets, you could
probably go for a slightly larger breed of dog.
Shred them and use them for packing material or insulation. Better than styropods.
Have the band members sign them (lots of ink) and send with Cave CD when
ordered through Papa Bear Records. Make them a collector's item.
From the book, "1000 and 1 uses for useless CD jackets"...no.693...origami - the
Japanese art of folding paper to form flowers, animal figures,etc..
Throw one in every time you send out a set of Funk Fingers or "World Diary."
Papa Bear Currency!