from the road diary, Aug. 16, 2006

     I usually avoid personal issues here on the page, but I'm going through a change in my life, and it seems right to mention it here.
We have been together for years - and I never thought about it coming to and end... but time changes things, and now she and I are going our separate ways.

     When I think of the closeness we've had - quiet times at home, but also hotels and venues on the road, even working together on my last album - it's hard to believe that it could ever come to an end.
Actually she saw it coming before I did - she noticed me taking an interest in younger models - surfing the web, looking around...
I wasn't planning on moving on, it's just... well, you know how it is with guys - we do like to look around, and then one day...

As I look back, I realize vividly how she's one of a kind, and there could never be another like her. Okay, I'll admit that as the years have rolled by she's slowed down some - grown a bit rough around the edges... But, hey, I've slowed down myself. In fact it's fair to say that there's been some wearing in, to each other on both sides.

My friends talked to me about new, hot little things that are out there to be had - I always said no, I'm at that stage of life where it's important to be comfortable, and don't want some fast young thing that could leave me in the dust.

But then I saw her and everything changed for me.
Now I'm getting ready to make a new life, fast and furious, and let the chips fall where they may. And what of the old relationship? Well, some advise me to try to get something going with both of them at the same time - talk about living in the fast lane! But that's not for me. We had our time, we shared a lot, but it's best to make a clean break now and part ways - I am sure she'll find someone who will appreciate her and give her the attention she's used to. Perhaps we'll chat sometimes, maybe share a memory or two.

Meanwhile I'll be making a new life with my new love.