About Gold Records

as reported (only somewhat accurately) by Tony Levin


In the beginning, a gold record represented sales of a million records.

There is actual Biblical reference to that, found in the obscure book of Levinicus;

    And God said, Lo, if ye shalt sell a million copies of thine record, veritibly and forsooth,
    in addition to making some big shekels, thou shalt receiveth from thine record label
    an album which is made of gold.

    Not real gold - art thou kidding? But gold looking stuff.
    And in a nice frame thou shouldn't sneeze at, suitable for hanging in thine studio.

    And thou shalt not take that record out of the frame and play it,
    lest ye shall find that it's not your record at all, it is a Neil Diamond album with thine label affixed,
    and that shalt make you very wroth and thy countenance fall. But I told you not to try to play it, and you didn't listen, did you!


Anyway, at first a gold record meant a million sold. Some time later a gold record was changed to represent 1/2 million sales.

Then it was changed again, to represent a million dollars in sales.

In the U.S.

In the UK 100,000 albums is a gold.

In Bulgaria it is 1,000

At some point digital downloads were included, digital streaming counted (100 streams being equivalent to one download)

And so on.

I believe that, in the current market for vinyl record sales, even ONE album sold should be certified as gold.

Therefore, in a reverse of the usual procedure, we have made the Levin Brothers record gold from the start.

The Levin Brothers album has, indeed, sold one copy, and here is Pete Levin accepting it (before shipping it out)

Pete Levin being awarded his first gold record

In keeping with doing things in reverse, after the first thousand made (which we have signed and numbered) we will have the records made in classic vinyl black.

You'll have noticed there are black 'swirls' in the gold -- we chose to do that so that;
a) no two records are exactly the same,
b) it looked cooler,
c) we can distinguish it from the gold record we might someday receive if we sell a thousand albums in Bulgaria.

You never know.

You could purchase the album, should you wish, or even the CD, thru Lazy Bones Records


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