With only a one hour Crimson show each day on the HORDE tour, it's obvious that we have too much time on our hands; hence, here are some new names for the tour (the only act of which, should be called  King Kravitz and the Busted Boot Travellers )


Hairy Old Rockers Deplaning Endlessly
Hippies On Rampant Drugs Explode
Hordes of Remorseless Drug Eaters
Here Old Rock Dominates Everything
Hey, Our Roadtour Demands Energy
Hiding Our Relatives, Ducking Everyone
Heaps of Revamped Dog Excrement
Hundreds of Risky Doings Everywhere
Hear Our Rickety Digital Effects
Hey, Our Roadies Demand Evantides
Hounds of Rock Descend Eagerly
Hundreds of Retching Drunks Enjoying
Here Only Repairing Digital Effects
Hear Our Really Depressing Efforts
Hairless Old Raving Dudes Excite
Horrors of Relentless Death Emanating
Hot Ordinary Regular Decaf Espresso
Hear Our Ruinous Drummers Experimenting
Hanging Out Rarely Delivers Extremes
Hostile Outraged Reactives Display Effervescence
Help, Our Racks Disintegrating Everyday
Horrors of Rampant Disease Epidemics
Hemorrhoids Overripe Restrict Decent Evacuation
Hip Old Rockers Digging Elvis
Howling Out Ridiculous Diatribe Endlessly
High Odometer Reading Dramatically Escalates
Happy One Rejoices Dancing Erratically
Having Orgasm Regarding Drummer Extraordinare (Bill)
Hedonistic Onlookers Respond Dewey Eyed
Habaneros Often Retaliate During Elimination
Herding Odoriferous Rovers During Exodus
Hence, One-hour Reign Demands Encore
Hope Old Reactionaries Do Enjoy (We did!!)