Our band, L'Image just finished the band's new cd, titled NOW.

I placed the order with the cd company, then called them to check on it,
and the following conversation ensued (well, might have!):

So, you've got the masters and you're manufacturing it... when will we get the CD shipped?


Well, that'd be nice, but you can't ship the CD yet, we want to know when you will


Not now, after you have made the CD.

After we've made the cd...

Yes, after you have made the cd.


Not now.

Oh... another CD?

No, no, our cd. You have to make it, right? Do you understand that you have to make the cd?

Yes, Now.

Yes, you have to make it, and now would be good. And then... after you have made the cd, you need to... pay close attention here... you need to SHIP the cd to us. So we will HAVE the CD. Are you with me so far?

Of course. You want the CD, Now.

Yes, yes, that's right. We want it made now.  And then, after it's made... what do you need to do...?

You want us to ship Now to you.

No, no, no... you can't ship it now, you haven't made it yet.

It? Is It your next CD?

Our next cd? What are you talking about? It's our current cd

Okay, but I can't take the order for It until we've moved on from Now.

But, how can we not move on from now?

Well, we can't move on until we discuss the shipping date.

I have been bloody trying to discuss when you will ship it.

We can't ship It until we're done with Now.

Wait a minute, just stop. You are making our cd, right?


And after the cd is made, you will…

Ship the cd to you

Yes, yes. Now we're getting somewhere. And that will be when?


That will be when?

I don't know about When, it'll be Now

You'll ship it now?

No, we can't ship It until we make It

But you just told me you were making it.

I never even heard about It until today.

You never heard about it?

Exactly. I don't know anything about It, and we haven't begun to discuss When.

We haven't been discussing when?

No, would you like to?