Sherlock's Own Page!
Hi. I'm a Westie, and I'm owned by Maggie, Andi, and Tony Levin. ("Owned" that is, in theory. I think of them as my assistants.) We have a lot of fun together. At least, it's always a lot of fun for ME.
This page was mostly written some time ago, when I was a puppy. (Hey, I've been meaning to update it, but I'm a busy dog!)

My biggest love was the other dog in the family when I came here - Moe. Moe was about 10 years old, and didn't care much about a little guy like me, but boy did I love to pester her to play - I'd run in circles around her, bite her tail, and bump into her all the time. Good fun!

Tony takes me to studios with him sometimes, which I love. (my favorite is Make Believe Ballroom, near Woodstock, where they leave the door open for me to come in and out - I've located their garbage bin, and keep myself busy bringing old banana peels into the studio. They call me "the Inspector" there because I sniff around all the rooms and pick up any tape or debris that's lying around. I'd like to eat this stuff, but, my being white, it usually shows when I've got something dark sticking out of my mouth, and they take it away.)

Thats me in the bass drum!A fun day was when Tony tried getting a photo of me in Bill Bruford's bass drum - he kept putting treats inside the drum and soon I figured out how to grab the treat and back out quick. Good fun! At another session, in New Jersey, with Peter Mulvey, the whole band was interested in me, picking me up and playing with me.

My name wasn't always Sherlock - at first, Maggie named me Elvis - but after a few days, even though still very little, I just didn't seem like an Elvis, and she came up with Sherlock. Some other names that were considered for me were Stravinsky, Einstein, Watson, and also various slangy terms which refer to the amount I used to go to the bathroom! (I won't mention them.) I'm bigger now, and my toilet habits are impeccable. My full name is Inspector Sherlock of LittleBridge. I don't have many links on my page because, although I meet lots of dogs in the park, they rarely tell me their web sites.

I've going to add more pictures of my "studio sessions".

Thanks for visiting.

p.s. WOW -- it's June, and I've just been on a real rock tour for a couple of days. Got to stay in a hotel, travel in the band bus, hang out backstage (there was a lot to sniff in that dressing room, let me tell you!) And I even got my own tour pass. My dad, Tony, is out on the road with Seal - that's why I got to visit that tour. The crew were really friendly - started throwing toys for me to fetch right away. I, of course, run and get the toys, but don't bring stuff back (that's not my thing,) so that game didn't last long. I probably liked the bus best - lots of people there to pet me, and some familiar scents in Tony's bunk. Another familiar scent was backstage: the espresso machine from Cafe Crim. I've been smelling beans grinding and espresso being made since I was a little pup. In fact, if I'm lifted up, I'll happily take a nip of espresso right from the cup. (My owners don't encourage this, though - but they don't stop me from hunting down any coffee beans that get dropped.)

Now that I've been out on the road, I think I'd like to do it some more, so I'll be looking for another chance to get out and be a rock 'n roller! There are other pictures of me in the bus, on the Seal Tour Bus Page.

Sherlock schmoozes and schlurps the Teacher Obedience Class for Sherlock, or Tony?
An update from way later: The family situation is quite different now. Moe has passed away, and though I still miss her a lot, a new puppy came into our lives - a WESTIE! This, makes me the crotchety old guy who doesn't want to play - but I do try to keep up with her.
Her name is Lilly, and of course she has her own page!

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