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Monday Night in San Francisco
California GuitarTrio with Tony Levin

A fantastic double album, recorded at San Francisco's legendary Great American Music Hall on May 1, 2000. Complete details.

$20.00 (Double CD) Now Shipping !!
$25.00 Special autographed edition (limited quantity)

Blue Nights

Waters of Eden
Tony Levin

This CD features the bass - fretless and upright, playing melody. Best description of the music I've heard was from a radio d.j. (named Bear!) who reviewed the cd, calling it earthy melodic instrumental music, with roots in Classical and World. The Musicians - Drums: Jerry Marotta; Keyboards: Larry Fast, David Sancious, Warren Bernhardt, Pete Levin; Guitars: Jeff Pevar, California Guitar Trio, David Torn (electric oud.); Bansuri Flute: Steve Gorn; Oh yeah, me.
Full details.


Blue Nights

BLUE Nights
Bill Bruford - Tony Levin - David Torn - Chris Botti

A LIVE Double CD!! Having recorded the BLUE cd, the band toured Japan and various clubs in the U.S, recording all the shows to multiple ADAT's. When it was all over, all the performances were studied (not an easy job!) and the best were chosen for this project. Mixing proved a pretty big job - blending the sounds of different nights in different clubs into a cohesive package.
Full details.

$21.99 (Double CD)

Beyond the Bass Clef
Tony Levin

An early review: ".... a fun melange of wisdom that could have come only from someone who's logged as many road miles and studio hours as Tony Levin. At times whimsical and at times profound, the book provides a unique glimpse into the life of a top-echelon working musician. Nowhere else can you learn as much about bass and life--we all benefit from Tony's decades of experience with both."
------Karl Coryat, Senior Editor, Bass Player Magazine

$15 (BOOK) Now Shipping !!

Bruford Levin Upper Extremities

Bruford Levin Upper Extremities
Bill Bruford - Tony Levin - Chris Botti - David Torn

This is music unlike any you've ever heard, beginning with a thundering rhythm section of progressive rock band King Crimson, adding the avant garde guitar riffs and distant planet loops of David Torn and the cool jazz sound of Chris Botti's trumpet.
Full details.

$15 (CD)

CD Cover - "Caves"

From the Caves of the Iron Mountain
Steve Gorn - Tony Levin - Jerry Marotta

Recorded inside the Widow Jane Mine in upstate New York, this is a unique musical project bringing together three master musicians and the raw elements of nature inside the cave.
Full details.

$15 (CD)

World Diary cover WORLD DIARY

Tony Levin's first solo recording - done around the world with various great musicians.
Extensive Notes

$15 (CD)

Videotape Cover - "Caves"

Tales from the Widow Jane Mine

This video tells the fascinating story of the making of the extraordinary CD from Papa Bear Records, "From the Caves of the Iron Mountain". From the rehearsals in Woodstock, through the recording inside the mine, you will share in the experience of this unique musical project.

$15 (VHS)

Papabear Tee Shirt (front) Papabear Tee Shirt

Our bass-playing bear logo on a natural color background. All-cotton pre-shrunk. The back has paw prints and papa bear sitting listening to his Walkman. Sizes S thru XXL.

$14 (S thru XL)
$16 (XXL)

Papabear Tee Shirt (back)
Tony Levin/Waters of Eden Tour Shirt WHILE THEY LAST!!

The Tony Levin/Waters of Eden Shirt. Black. All cotton, pre-shrunk. Printed on front. Sizes L and XL ONLY.

$14 (L or XL)


Inspired by the music of the B.L.U.E. CD, this poster is from an original oil painting by Tony Levin (18"x24").


B.L.U.E. Poster
"Caves" poster THE CAVES POSTER

Commemorating the 'Caves' album, this poster is a collage of the amazing cave setting and photos of the recording in progress.


Full color CD artwork, some diaries, photos and musicians highlight this collector's edition poster. 18" by 24"


World Diary poster

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