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We did our first CD, titled Black Light Syndrome, about two years ago. It was pretty succesful in that critical and public acclaim was good for it.
There's been some desire to do a followup CD since then, but schedules haven't permitted it. The band also wanted to tour with the first release - and are hoping that it'll happen this time. It's the kind of music that will have a life of it's own when played live.
Black Light Syndrome was written and recorded in a few days. This time there's a whopping fourteen days to complete the recording.
The record company is, as on the first release, Magna Carta Records.
Terry Bozzio is probably best known for playing with Frank Zappa, and with his own band Missing Persons, and he has many releases of his own music.
But all drummers know him as a leading force in modern drumming. His drum kit (pictured below) is extraordinary, and he uses it to play melodically on both toms and cymbals.

Steve Stevens' heavy guitar playing (Billy Idol) is only one facet of his musicality.
He's won a Grammy for his writing on the movie "Top Gun" and his solo CD will be coming out next Spring, on the Ark 21 label.

Tony Levin's work is featured more than enough elsewhere on this site! (Back to Site Archives page).
Writing began in early December ('99) at rehearsal space, Uncle Studios, in Los Angeles. Then the band moved to Stagg St. Studios, in Van Nuys, to record.
R.Chris Murphy is engineering, and co-producing with the band. (He's been involved in many King Crimson projects and recordings.)
Gavin Menzies is helping out with guitar tech stuff, and Erich Gobel is the assistant from the studio.
Wayne Wilburn has the large job of setting up and adjusting Terry's huge drum kit. If that weren't enough, we've got him and friend Jason, running errands constantly.
The release date isn't set yet (hey, we haven't finished recording!) but rough plan is for it to come out next summer.
Terry Bozzio Bozzio Levin Stevens Steve Stevens
Steve's Amps Steve Stevens Steve at Board
Terry's Drumkit Terry Terry Playing
Gavin Menzies Chris, Eric Wayne & Jason
A Little Diary Action

Rehearsals/writing went pretty well. It's amazing how these things use up whatever time you've got. The first CD was writting and recorded, pretty much in four days. This time we've got two weeks -- and we'll use it all.
Rehearsal studio was very pleasant (usually they're pretty dingy.) Now, in recording studio, we're hard at work. The only food nearby is Western Bagel -- 24 hours a day, fresh bagels in all kinds of flavors. I quickly tired of the normal ones, began delving into pumpkin, jalapino, blueberry, and others. Good that the project is a quick one, or we'd all look like houses by the end.
In keeping with the bagel theme, we did a mockup CD cover, with us posed in front of the bagel counter. The first CD was titled "Black Light Syndrome" - we suggested calling this "Bozzio Levin Stevens / Bagel Lox Salmon" (Sent the idea to the record company - not surprisingly, haven't heard back yet!) (You can see it on the More Graphics page.)

More Graphics of B.L.S.
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