In the studio
mixing the new CGT album



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  Tracking in March



We're back at Tom Mark's Make Believe Ballroom studio, in West Shokan NY, with a lot of excellent tracks to mix.


As in the recording back in March, we're taking a heavily analog route - now mixing from 2" tape to 1/2 inch tape, on the ubiquitous Studer that so many great albums have been mixed to.


Trouble with not doing it all in ProTools, as most albums are these days, is that it takes longer. So we're working long days and hoping we can get it all mixed before the guys go to Detroit to continue touring.

We've brought in some very high quality Linn 328A monitors for the project.
                                    (Wasn't too long before they had Yoda standing atop one.)






At last, with the last check-off, we've finished mixing all 16 pieces. They won't all make it to the CD, but they're all sounding great, and it was fun mixing them.

And it's going to be a great album!



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