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Adrian, Kevin, Tony(!)
Too many photos for the main diary page
So here's a page about the sessions
About Kevin
And the sessions
Who's Here
Nashville - in a very classy studio, full facilities, great huge room (it's a church) with a very good live drum sound.
Rhythm tracking sessions are about over now, and they'll be continuing the recording in different studios, some in Europe, some here.
Kevin's been a member of the group DC Talk for 13 years, and this is his first solo album.

We're having a lot of fun here... and when they spend time on the drum sounds, I've got PLENTY of time to take photos (and fool around with graphics!)
Every day there are new 'shrines' set up, with photos of rock singers and various dolls appearing (Matt carries many in his drum cases) all of which makes good fodder for playing with graphics. For example, the top photo has Sporty Spice's face substituted for mine.
Producer Adrian Belew (King Crimson) is also playing guitar. Matt Chamberlain on drums, often on tour with Fiona Apple, has just flown in from some Tokyo gigs with his own band,
Critters Buggin.
Nashville guitarist Eric Cole is playing on the sessions too. He's co-written some of the songs with Kevin.
Engineer Ken Latchney has worked with Adrian for some time, and has toured with us in King Crimson.
Oh yes, I'm playing bass (Tony Levin.)
Kevin Kevin, Adrian
Matt Chamberlain Eric Cole
Matt? Adrian Belew
Adrian, Kevin Ade
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! !
<--! LAST TWO !-->
Some Explanations of the Photos
(If that's possible!)
Aside from Kevin and Adrian just hanging out, photos here include:
-Matt in the wierd hat he wears for overdubs (who knows why) -
-Eric looking pretty normal -
-Matt's head on top of a brass monkey statue that was brought into the control room -
-Adrian telling an impassioned story over coffee - Kevin at the same cafe, sporting chocolate coffee beans in his nose! (Hey, I don't explain 'em, I just shoot 'em.) (And play with the images!)
-Slightly processed photos of John Lennon, Simon Lebon, and Jeff Beck.(Oh yes, if that face in the trio at the top of the page looks familiear, that's from Sporty Spice Doll
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