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Release Date: April 11.

Record Label: Narada Records.

The Musicians: Drums: Jerry Marotta
Keyboards: Larry Fast, David Sancious, Warren Bernhardt, Pete Levin.
Guitars: Jeff Pevar, California Guitar Trio, David Torn (electric oud.)
Bansuri Flute: Steve Gorn
Oh yeah, me.

The Music: This CD features the bass - fretless and upright, playing melody. Best description of the music I've heard was from a radio d.j. (named Bear!) who reviewed the cd, calling it earthy melodic instrumental music, with roots in Classical and World.

Finally, the Cover

The CD Cover



I've done cd's before, on my own Papa Bear Records - but this one is a bit different. First of all, there's someone else footing the bill(!) It's due to come out in April 2000 on Narada Records. It's my hope that they'll get the CD into stores - something I haven't even attempted with my own label.

Studio Monitor

There are other differences too. My previous projects have been collaborations. I usually feel the focus of these cd's has been the interplay between the players. On this, though, my focus is on the compositions, and I'll be featuring the bass as a lead instrument - something I don't usually do.


Co-producing with me is guitarist Artie Traum, (I played some bass on his most recent release: Meetings with Remarkable Friends.) Artie's been producing some other projects for Narada Records, and this seemed a natural match.
Robert Frazza is doing most of the engineering. He's just finished engineering the "BLUE Nights" double live CD which we'll be releasing in the spring. Robert also toured with Bruford Levin Upper Extremities, mixing the live sound.
David Bottrill will come in at the mixing stage to bring his expertise to the project. I've worked with him on the last two Peter Gabriel cd's as well as King Crimson's "Thraak" (We're also pals from back when he toured with Peter's show -- when I have time, I'll try to dig up an old photo of Bottrill, disguised as me, onstage with Peter.)



I've recorded previous Papa Bear Records projects in quite a few ways; "World Diary" was done on the road with my Alessis ADAT. "From the Caves" was done live to DAT, in binaural sound -(bringing bigger equipment into the damp cave seemed unwise.) Then "BLUE" was a fairly regular "studio album" For "Passionate Bass" the simplest way to take the tracks to each of the musicians seemed to be to use hard disk recording. So we're going to engineer Robert Frazza's Logic Platinum system. He then carries the computer to whatever home studio we're working in next, we find or bring good mike pre's, and put the new tracks on the disk. Sounds simple, and sometimes it actually is!
I have some concerns about recording all digitally, and without common studio monitors. So I've been fortunate to bring in a LINN playback system (including amps and speakers) which approaches mastering studio quality. We daily cut cd's of the music and check it all on the LINN to make sure we're not going astray. It'll be very useful during the mix too.

Bottrill and Traum at studio C DB and AT at "studio C"
Most of my playing is on fretless bass, and I'm using the Music Man Stingray model. I used to favor an old Music Man Sabre fretless I have (did "Sledgehammer" on it) but for this music I prefer the tone of my newer 5 string. I have a four string fretless Stingray, a new one with pizo pickup, which I also used on some tracks. (Yes, I do appreciate how lucky I am to have 3 fretless basses to choose among!)
I also play the NS Electric Upright on some tracks, and the electric cello version on two songs.

Starting with Jerry Marotta (as many things do,) he and I played together for years in Peter Gabriel's band. He's played drums on too many albums to list, and he produces records at his studio in Woodstock.

Jerry Marotta plays air fishJerry

Steve Gorn
Steve Gorn, playing at Make Believe Ballroom studio.

Keyboard wizard Larry Fast also toured and recorded with the early Gabriel band - so this is a bit of a reunion for Larry Jerry and me. Larry does film scores, synth recording, and still releases his own music as "Synergy."

T.L, Larry Fast, David Torn

David Sancious and I toured together with Seal earlier this year. David has also played keyboard on tours with Peter Gabriel, recorded with Sting, Bruce Springsteen, and others. David's midway through a solo CD of his own. At his home studio, we had him play his grand piano and also what David calls his Virtual Soprano, which I particularly love.

David Sancious at the pianoDavid S.

Sherlock at the mixing boardNew producer?


Bone & Flesh A World Music type of piece, featuring, among other things, a rare Jerry Marotta drum solo, and equally rare Tony Levin bass solo (together, of course.)
Waters of Eden A piece I've been playing live with the California Guitar Trio, and it's on their upcoming live CD. This version also has piano, drums, and strings.
Jeff Pevar w. guitar

California Guitar Trio

Hideo, Bert, and Paul of The California Guitar Trio, first to record on the album. Shown here at my friend Rick Marotta's studio in L.A.

Want more info on people/things from this page:


Warren Bernhardt at the piano

Click on Warren for an out take of Boulevard of Dreams


O.K. The record's done now, coming out on April 11, 2000.
Looking back at the project, it's been very satisfying. My first crack at doing a composition oriented cd,
(as opposed to what I would call a collaborative one.) And I feel it got a good balance of 'featuring' the bass, while.
insuring that what it's really about is the music itself.


Touring with the music, of course! We'll link to the tour dates from right here, as they become confirmed.
With Jerry Marotta, Larry Fast, and guitarist Jesse Gress lined up to do the tour, it looks like the live band will be expanding on the music from the cd.
And, having fun too!

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