Beyond the Bass Clef (BOOK)

This is the book of what I've gleaned from my years as a touring and recording bass player, in Rock, Jazz and Clasical music. Is it pearls of wisdom from an experienced pro, or rambling drivel from a burnt out road dog? I guess that's up to you the readers. (Reviews have been kind.) The book has anecdotes from the road, essays, advice, cartoons and more - all with humor and a sense of how special it is to be a musician and working with other great players.

The most often quoted excerpt from the book is "In the Beginning" - a quasi biblical chapter about bass playing - it's circulated around all the Net numerous times, as forwarded humor.

An early review: ".... a fun melange of wisdom that could have come only from someone who's logged as many road miles and studio hours as Tony Levin. At times whimsical and at times profound, the book provides a unique glimpse into the life of a top-echelon working musician. Nowhere else can you learn as much about bass and life--we all benefit from Tony's decades of experience with both."
       ------Karl Coryat, Senior Editor, Bass Player Magazine

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