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More Photos of the band in action.

Complete Diaries from the tour.
Extra Info about the CD,
Photos and diaries from the tour
Tony Levin's current Road Diary

The band thanks you for your patronage. Here are a few pages with more stuff about the cd - photos taken on the road by Tony, by Yuka Fuji (who's photo is the cover of the cd package) and by Mark Swidler, a friend of the band.

The complete "road diaries" from Tony's website, couldn't fit in the cd booklet, so we thought it proper to dig them up from the Papa Bear archives, and include them here in their entirety, for those who have the cd, and want all the stories behind it.


By now

band shot

you know

Bill Bruford

who these guys are!

The Band

Bill and Chris

Chris Botti

David Torn


The group bowing

Chris, T.L.
The Band
The Band

Complete Diaries from the BLUE tour.

MORE PHOTOS of the band in action.


Tony Levin's current
Road Diary page