California Guitar Trio
Japan Trip

July 2005


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July 30

Flying to Japan for just two shows - it's a lot of travel compared to the time making music. But the Fuji Rock Festival is a good one, and we're pleased they're having us come in to play at it.

Woke up to misty mountains, and found lots of campers, there for a weekend of rock concerts.


However, before long the rain started...


and got heavier...


which made things tough for the audiences...


But the show went on, (easy for us on the dry stage!) and was a good one.


On to Tokyo (and you might want to check out the page of Tokyo photos taken while wandering around the city.)

The show, in a rock club, was fun...



no rain inside here!



and, a great treat for us, Adrian Belew and his band were the main act. (I got to shoot photos of my Crimson band-mate! Boy, did he and his band sound great.)







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