CGT / Tony Levin Italy Tour
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We begin in Naples - the trio arriving the day before the show, me arriving from New York only a few hours before soundcheck.


The show; in a nice theater.

Here we go.

I can get lots of photos in these shows because I don't play on every piece.

Bella, bella... show was great. Did I mention that I'd flown overnight, through Paris, to come to Naples, and the day before I'd flown all day to get home from Puerta Vallarta, Mexico... I'm shot now that the Naples show is over, and though I'm preparing this page, I will not upload it until I've had some sleep!

Tomorrow morning, off to Rome - well, outside Rome - at the Stazione Birra (brewery) I've played before.
More soon.

Feb. 8th - on to Rome.
for a show at Stazione Birra - a brewery South of Rome, that's quite a popular venue.

As is obvious, I leave the stage for a few numbers in the show - hence a chance to take photos of the band from places other than my place on stage.

Next night: Florence - I think it's time to start a new page with those photos.




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