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June, 2014

page 1 - England rehearsals



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Welcome to my web diary of the shows and rehearsals King Crimson will do this year.

The new lineup of King Crimson is:

          Robert Fripp: guitar
          Jakko Jakszyk: guitar and vocals
          Mel Collins: saxes
          Bill Reiflin: drums, synth and vocals
          Pat Mastelotto: drums
          Gavin Harrison: drums
          Tony Levin: bass, stick, vocals

June 2
Once again, we've travelled to Jakko's home studio in England to rehearse (as we did last February.)
(As I've mentioned before, I usually manage to give the photos a dark, forboding look, even though the weather here is quite nice!)

But this time it'll be the full band... well, next week it will. We started off today with just Jakko, Robert and myself, while Pat, Gavin and Bill are rehearsing the drum parts elsewhere. Mel will join us tomorrow, and next week we'll all be together for the first run throughs of music with the full band.

Was that clear? Maybe not too clear even to me!

Anyway, it's a thrill to be moving toward the Crimson tour. We've got a few rehearsal periods scheduled through the Summer, and the tour dates will begin in September.

The tour dates have just been announced. Here they are:

Sept. 9, 10          Albany, NY / The Egg
Sept. 12, 13        Phil. / Verizon Hall
Sept 15,16          Boston / Colonial Theatre
Sept 18, 19, 20   New York / Best Buy Theater
Sept 23               Madison, WI / Barrymore Theatre
Sept 25, 26         Chicago / The Vic Theatre
Sept 30, Oct 1     Los Angeles / Orpheum Theater
Oct 3,4                San Francisco / The Warfield
Oct 6                   Seattle / Moore Theater

I am told that, from June 6th, tickets are "Available via venues listed and Ticketmaster"

The music is... well, it's too early for me to be talking about what music we'll play.

Here's Robert writing the tentative music list

Oh gee, I guess he was just starting it there(!)

Here's Jakko

Anyway, I always expect the experiences with Crimson to be my most challenging, and it's likely this will be in that category. And so far, it's been fun too!

June 2
Today we're joined by Mel Collins, and the music starts to take some different turns

So, things are going nicely for us. We'll have a few more days with this section of the band before joining up with the three drummers on the weekend for full rehearsals.

June 3... and onward
Things much the same this week, just a few photos to add...

We really needed a shot of the band showing how nicely Robert is dressed for rehearsals... my previous one didn't show that

Don't know what I'm up to here...

and, taking the photos, it's Trev, our guitar tech, who's handling many duties this week

A friend sent me this picture of the tour jacket from way back... looks like one more cleaning and the name will have faded out

Tomorrow (Saturday) we move to full band rehearsals, at a much bigger facility.
Should be plenty more to show you from then on.

(I feel I owe it to Jakko to show a more realistic side of his wonderful place, so below is the same picture from the page top, but less... gloomified!)



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