HoBoLeMa Tour
January 2010


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     The page title, HoBoLeMa, is short for Allan Holdsworth, Terry Bozzio, Tony Levin, Pat Mastelotto.

That's the makeup of this quartet, and this January marks the second time we've toured together. The first was about a year ago, touring Japan. This time there's more planned, with an April tour of Europe in addition to this leg on the West Coast of the U.S.

The tour got off with a bang, here in Seattle... we all came in from different directions with cars, trailers, and Pat and me flying in - but first morning, ready to head to the venue, we found the brakes jammed on the trailer of Terry's vehicle.

It really wouldn't go anywhere...

With setup and soundcheck awaiting a mile away, we decided to drive it to the venue anyway, dragging the stuck tires on the trailer.

So, car and trailer hobbled off howling down the Seattle streets. Only stopped by police once on the way!
('Oh, officer, was that our vehicle making that noise? We're very sorry, we'll get it looked at.')

Next hurdle was a more normal one -- loading in the gear and setting up these drum kits.

A bit of time backstage before the show...

It's a rare venue that has a curtain nowadays ... this was an opportunity to get to our instruments, set up and tune, before the audience could see us...

And here we go...

Typical of first shows of any tour, I didn't get many photos.

After each set, Terry takes the mike and introduces us, also pointing out the obvious to the audience; that we've been improvising all the music as we perform it.

Gotta clean that lense!

Two nights, two shows.

Here are just a few shots of the second night:

Of course, when you have giant drum kits to load in, you also have to load them out!

Now, things get interesting... we had taken the trailer in for repair, so after packing up we left the cases in the club overnight.
In the morning, facing a pretty long drive to the Portland gig, we went to pick up the trailer, then back to the club, and in the rain, packed for the trip.

Then, the drive to Portland and, guess what... set up the drums and amps again in the club there.

Soundcheck went a bit late so, because people were waiting in the rain, they came in during it.

Backstage for a bit...

Then showtime...

Mercifully I didn't take photos of the loadout after the Portland show - our third pack of the day.

Well, one...

Okay, enough for one page.

Tomorrow we leave for a long (two day) drive to Santa Cruz, Calif. Then we'll recomence on the next page.



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