AUG 30, 2008

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     As I'm uploading as the festival occurs, I'll just throw some photos here on the page - will put captions or explanations later.

Let's start with some menu glimpses:

Now, on to other things:

As you can see, things started out quite wet!

With Geoffrey Oryema and his band, we did a short set - so many bands today, they're trying to keep each one down to 20 minutes!

Weather is steadily improving.
Here are a few shots from Adrian Belew, and his Power Trio's show.

And the Crimson members set (a very short one -- two songs.)

Eddie Jobson's first live show in a long time - he was great.

At night, things looked different...

(note the one guard on the left!)

And it got really full - I'd estimate over 100,000 in the crowd.

I got to sit in with Patti Smith and her band.

Then, the inevitable 'ending jam'!
It was much more fun than they usually are -- could be because there were far more musicians than could play.
Or maybe the fireworks. Or just the special nature of the event.

As you'd guess, I grabbed a lot more than one quick photo!



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