Fall, 2013

page 2 - Who's who on tour



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Something I always intend to do on these tour pages, but don't get around to: tell who's on the tour.


Peter Gabriel

the band

David Rhodes / guitar

Manu Katche / drums

David Sancious / keyboards

Jennie Abrahamson / vocals

Linnea Olsson / vocals

tour management

Dave T.

the crew

Dickie Chappell / PG engineer

Ben Findlay / sound engineer

Dee Miller / monitor engineer

Dan Lavi / Pro Tools

Rob Sinclair / lighting designer

Chris Lawson / guitars

Michelle Russotto / basses

Pete Lorimer / keyboards

Scott Barnett / drums

Gary Currier / stage mgr

Pitso Pirie / boom captain

Jimmy Nicholson / stage audio

Adam Smith / system tech

Cesar Lopez / system tech

Jacob Gray / audio tech

Steve Kellaway / lighting crew chief

Steve Belfield / tour rigger

Blaine Dracup / Kinesys tech

Tim Phillips / lighting

Sam Lowden / lighting

Matt Flood / lighting

Kevin King / screen tech

Bill Farr / screen tech

Jim Liddiard / systems engineer

Jamie Cowlin / camera supervisor

Robyn Tearle / projection

Audrey Nugent / production

Paddy Fitzpatrick / stage carpenter

Mark Berryman / stage carpenter

Stefan Goodchild / content

George Sinclair / content

Magoo / merchandise

Tomos Wise / SSL tech

Julie Guerrin / ticketing

Mike 'Fish' McCartney / driver

Elias Awaideh / driver

Jerry Korkis / driver

Ian Silver / driver

Adrian Green / driver

Ben Kibblewhite / driver

Tom Jackson / driver

Gary Murphey / driver

Mike Osbourne / driver

Roger Bungay / driver


    As you can see, this is not a small operation!

    Next page soon, when I've got more pictures.


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