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Tour Shots 2
*Recent shows

Tour Page 12
Phoenix, Oakland, San Jose, Seattle, Vancouver

Production Rehearsals

Extra shots from England rehearsals

Tour Shots 1

Tour Page 11
Anaheim, Day off at JPL, L.A.

People 1

Personel on the tour

Audiences 3
*Recent shows

Tour Page 10
San Diego, Tonite Show, Denver,
Looking back - some old stories

People 2

Personnel on the tour

Audiences 2

Boston (Nov.25) through L.A. (Dec. 11)

Tour Page 9

Day off with dogs!


Audiences 1

Mexico City (Nov.4) thru
Wash. DC (Nov.24)

Tour Page 8

Montreal (Nov.27)
thru Detroit (Dec.3)



Tour Page 7

New York (Nov 21)
thru Uncasville CT (Nov 26)



Tour Page 6

Chicago Nov.12 thru Cleve. Nov.20
(incl. Minneapolis, N.J, Phil.)



Tour Page 5

Pre-tour shows
Mexico City, Quebec



Tour Page 4

Production rehearsals England, London TV, Paris radio, early Gabriel photos w. link to Larry Fast site



Tour Page 3

Milan,RealWorld, Paris shows,
New York TV shows Sept.



Tour Page 2

Italy rehearsals,
Arzachena show



Tour Page 1

August rehearsals
(with bouncing band cursor)

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