JAPAN June 2010
Page 1 - Fukuoka, Kurashiki, Yonago


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    June 1 - we arrive in Fukuoka, Japan, to start our tour here.

It was a long trip for Michael and me, with 6 hr layover at Narita (Tokyo airport) and even longer for Pat, who needed a San Francisco layover to get him here from Austin.

No matter, we've got tomorrow to recover, and it's a beautiful town, bridges everywhere crossing canals.
I went out to the nearby pedestrian bridge to take some photos and... well, they would have been just like the ones I took from that same bridge last September, when I played here on the L'Image tour. - So you can see the sights on those pages!

(Well, okay, one photo)

The internal flight to Fukuoka hadn't allowed us to take our instruments on the plane - but I felt that my Stick was quite well protected by the job they did wrapping it for the flight:

Setting up at the Gates 7 club

and waiting around for the show to begin...

Here we go...

Morning presented us with a train trip to Okayama and drive to Kurashiki for tonight's gig.

On the way to our gig we stopped in a quaint old town for lunch.

Browsing at the bean shop, we found ourselves quite a bit larger than the other tourists!

All set to go at the show, in Kurashiki...

Next day, a drive to tonight's show in Yonago - another place in Japan I've never been to before.

Roadside stops are interesting!

Michael, warming up for the show:

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