POLAND / October 2008

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     There are many ways to unveil a new band - this time, a series of events led to our going to Poland's Opole Percussion Festival to do two shows - they'll be the first for our trio.

The band members: Pat Mastelotto on drums, Michael Bernier and myself on Chapman Sticks.

My plan last year was to have the new album ready for Fall, and to then do a small European tour. But a busy year kept us from getting our new material written and recorded - we were able to pull back from playing clubs in other contries (for which having the cd release would be important) but since this is a percussion festival, with many acts on hand, it seemed a great way to get started.

(Many of these photos are from Pat.)

Our promotor kindly found us a nice rehearsal space, in the Opole radio station...

Plenty to see around town...

And here are some other sights from the week...

(A mensroom, curiously labelled as 'no women'. Pretty clear, I'd say.)

The concerts were very special for us. Shows in Wrocklov and Opole.

You can see we had a lot of fun. It's our hope to return to Poland next year, when we tour Europe.


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