Tour of South America
Spring 2012

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Let's start out with a shot our friend Jodie took of the band after last week's Bearsville show.

It was at the end of a taxing week of driving and playing around the U.S. East coast, and it felt like we'd earned a few minutes relaxing with a beer at the bar!

Okay, on to the current tour:

    Monday, May 7th
It's time say goodbye to the families, and the Stick Men guys are heading out for South America.

For myself and engineer Robert Frazza, we head down to JFK to fly overnight from New York to Buenos Aires. Pat Mastelotto will leave about the same time from Austin, and for Markus Reuter, coming from his home in Austria, it's a much longer trip.

On landing in Buenos Aires (okay, it's now May 8th...) we all meet up, and with Max, our Argentine tour manager for South America, we drive to the domestic airport, to catch another flight, to Tucuman, Argentina, where tomorrow's show will be.

A few phone interviews from the room, a quick (and very nice) dinner, and finally some sleep, to end what has been a long day.

Setting up at the show, here are some photos of the guys:




Before the show, I was taken to the Technical University here in Tucuman, where they gave me an award!

Not sure what I have done to deserve it, but I am now officially a Distinguished Visitor to their city. A very nice honor.

About ready to go onstage for our first S. American show of this tour -- the guys are pretty relaxed... easy for them to be... I'm trying to do the show seaking only in Spanish, and some song lyrics too, so I've got a lot on my mind before going on. (Though, of course, some time to take photos is a must!)

What a beautiful concert hall, and very nice, appreciative audience.

Typically, first shows of a tour, I don't have my playing together enough to take many photos.

Did I get my Spanish lyrics to Matte Kudasai right? Well, they weren't too far off.. hopefully that will improve each night. My thanks to my friend, Beto Hale, for helping with the translation.

    May 10th
Cars are going to be a bit crowded on this tour...

and so are the planes!

but we can't complain. Max has to take all our heavy gear on the public bus, leaving in the middle of the night, so that we can fit onto these small planes - no way would they take the weight of the gear we're carrying.

In Cordoba, a treat: there's a Stick player, Mairicio Manchon, in the opening band. It's a guitar/Stick duo

Once again, I'm not doing much of a job as a photographer... but I am improving on the Spanish!

    May 11th
If it's morning, we must be going somewhere!

Another jumbo jet...

And, in Rosario, we find we're playing at a blues club ... it's called Willie Dixon's.

Something a bit unusual, after the show instead of us going out to the front of the venue to sign cd's and greet people, they were brought into our dressing room, in small groups.

One fellow had nothing to sign, just saying hi, but Pat decided to autograph a lemon for him!

Next page, with the Buenos Aires show, and more coming, in Chile, Uruguay, and Panama.


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