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Tour of Europe - Fall, 2012
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Cagliari & Nuoro Shows


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       Nov 19   Yesterday involved driving to Genoa, then waiting for the night ferry to leave

I didn't get any pictures from the top deck of the ferry... never even got there, in fact.
We were sharing sleeping cabins, and went right to those to check out what the overnight trip would be like

Not too bad

So... no good pics from that trip. Morning we arrived in Sardinia, though a few hours drive to Caglieri, where we'll be playing.

It's lovely here, and much warmer than the places we've been

The show is at a club named F.B.I.

Curiously combined with the Al Capone Pizzeria, and described as an American Disco Club!

Backstage, we strike a pose...

I've lost my setlist (well, somebody took it after the last show) and nobody has one backstage...

So I grab a photo of the stage, and enlarge Markus' setlist so I can re-write one for myself before going on

Going on...

A nice reception for us... it's good to be back in Sardinia (where we played in a festival two summers ago, and where I've played with Peter Gabriel a few times.)

       Nov 21   Headed for Nuoro, only an hour or two driving from Cagliari

First, some van repairs... it's been increasingly hard to get out of the back seats of the van

A nice hall awaits us

Robert will have to mix the sound from way up at the top of the balcony.

Not an ideal way to hear what's going on at most of the seats below, so he'll spend soundcheck running up and down the stairs, comparing sounds so he can adjust during the show

I've been trying to do the lyrics to Crack in the Sky in Italian, and finally admit to myself I can't memorize them yet...

so I'll have them on a music stand to see, if I need help

Some proper, normal dressing rooms for us... hardly like last night

With international lemon segments!

Hey... Francesco, what are you doing in there?

Good show, and very nice to see some people come out to hear our music here in Nuoro, where we haven't played before.

       Nov 22   Happy Thanksgiving day to those who are celebrating it today.

Of course we wish we were home and with family, but it's only a few days left on the tour. We have the day to kill here before the 10pm overnight ferry leaves for Rome.

Lost most of the hotel rooms, so some hanging out in lobby is predictable

I don't remember what we used to do with our time, before laptops!

Lunch at a local restaurant. It's not turkey, by a long shot, but no complaints here!

Thinking about home... Robert finds a piece of Sardinian flat bread that resembles Florida. (I guess!)

More soon, with shows coming in Rome, Chieti and Naples.


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