Tour of USA and CANADA
Fall 2011

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Page 3 - Here we go


     Show one is in Atlanta's Variety Playhouse and we'll be travelling in to Atlanta from all over.

Adrian is driving in from Nashville - Robert Frazza (our sound engineer) is driving the Stick Men van down from Kingston NY - a 960 mile jaunt!
Pat will fly in from Texas, I'll fly in from Newark, and Markus from Innsbruck, Austria.

So, when we meet onstage for this first "soundcheck"... it'll be quite an intense couple of hours to set up both bands, get sounds right, and rehearse some of the six piece Crimson material.

  Pretty cool, isn't it!

  but wait...

That's just the early, first version -- Denis Rodier, the brilliant Quebecois artist, has turned from his dark comic book work to do the tour art for us, and this time, instead of keeping the early ideas to ourselves, we're sharing them with you. It'll be fun to see how it progresses to the finished poster, oui?

(We're thinking it'll warrant a tour t-shirt too.)

Here are the tour dates: (mercifully leaving out the other detail on our band schedule... the miles between them!)

Sept 19    Atlanta, GA / Variety
Sept 20    Carrboro, NC / Arts Center
Sept 21    Knoxville, TN / Bijou
Sept 22    Annapolis, MD / Rams Head
Sept 23    Phoenixville, PA / Colonial Theater
Sept 24    Vienna, VA / Jammin Java
Sept 27    Boston, MA / Royale
Sept 28    New York, NY / Iridium
Sept 29    New York, NY / Iridium
Sept 30    Fairfield, CT / Stage One
Oct 1    Northhampton, MA / Iron Horse
Oct 2    Montreal, QC / Corona
Oct 4    Toronto, ON / Mod Club
Oct 5    Buffalo, NY / Tralf
Oct 6    Covington, KY / Southgate House
Oct 7    Detroit, MI / Magic Bag
Oct 8    Chicago, IL / Old Town School of Folk
Oct 9    Minneapolis, MN / Cedar Cultural Center
Oct 11    Boulder, CO / Boulder Theater
Oct 12    Salt Lake City, UT / The Depot
Oct 14    Portland, OR / Aladdin
Oct 15    Seattle, WA / Triple Door
Oct 17    Sacramento, CA / Harlows
Oct 18    San Francisco, CA / Regency
Oct 19    Solana Beach, CA / Belly Up
Oct 21    Agoura Hills, CA / Canyon Club
Oct 22    Santa Ana, CA / Galaxy
Oct 23    Phoenix, AZ / The Foundry
Oct 26    St Louis, MO / Old Rockhouse
Oct 27    Indianapolis, IN / Birdys
Oct 28    Nashville, TN / Belcourt
Oct 29    Ashville, NC / MoogFest

See your town in there? I hope so, because the only side excursions we'll be making are into a roadside Subway to get a quick tuna sandwich, hold the onions cause they'll stink up the van, Pat can you grab me a coffee, come on guys let's get back in the van.

Street team will be a must for us, to help get the word out in each city, about the show.
We'll get some contact info up here soon, and if you're in one of the cities and would like to help out, please let us know.

More soon, as things progress toward the tour --- you could call this page
The road to... the road!

New: Poster is coming along ... here is another version, darkened in, without text:

And... let's get some names in there...

Almost there... and I'm loving how the audience has a demented look to them (so do the players, of course!)

Ready for the finished version?

Let's start another page...


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