April, May 2007

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    The tour started outside of Atlantic City, where we rehearsed for an afternoon


Jerry Marotta on drums

Our pal Robert Frazza doing monitors

Jesse, "Heimlich" Gress on guitar

Just brushing up, really, cause we toured last Summer with the same lineup.

Soundcheck at the House of Blues:

Diego Marotta - a bit tired after the show...

Then on to New York City, and the great club BB Kings, on 42nd st.

Show three, in Sayreville New Jersey's Starland Ballroom.

Philadelphia -- the TLA (Theater of Living Arts) is a cool place I've played a few times before.
They're just re-naming it after the great Fillmore. I'm not sure the details, but they had made up really nice posters (like the Bill Graham Fillmore shows used to do) and I grabbed a shot of the poster before going on.

There was small concern that the fire department might stop the show to put out Jesse's shirt...

Annapolis show was at the Ram's Head, where I've played a number of times in the last years.
It's one of those club layouts where you can't get a good photo of the audience - they're mostly to the sides of the stage so a shot of the center doesn't show many people.

An artist friend of mine, Robert Taylor, came by with a watercolor from the old Crimson lineup.

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